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It Was My Birthday, Make Me a Spreadsheet

alice keeler birthday spreadsheet
It Was My Birthday, Make Me a Spreadsheet

alice keeler birthday spreadsheet

The Answer is Always a Spreadsheet

It’s my birthday today (Oct 6) and it would make me super happy if you tried making a spreadsheet! I LOVE SPREADSHEETS! Here are some tips and suggestions for things to try.



A quick way to make a spreadsheet is to use sheets.google.com/create. It instantly lets you start spreadsheeting! You can also go to sheets.google.com and try out some pre made templates!

Pixel Art


Type single digit numbers into the Pixel art template to create a picture. Your students will love making pixel art.
pixel art alice keeler

Use Real Data

Why use contrived numbers when we can use real data!


This site is a regular Google search (look up anything) but it only returns results with data! LOOK CAREFULLY in each search result there is a blue “Show more.” Click on this to reveal the most amazing button ever! “Export to Google Sheets!!!” This automatically copies the data into a spreadsheet for you!
Export to a spreadsheet

Try the Explore Button

In the bottom right of Google Sheets is a star icon that says “Explore.” CLICK IT! This automagically creates charts and graphs for you.
Explore button

The Explore tool uses machine learning to predict what questions you have about your data and what graphs you might want. Try out the formatting option to alternate colored rows.


One of my favorite spreadsheet tools to use is TemplateTab. This allows you to paste a roster of student names onto the first sheet and design a graphic organizer on the second sheet. Use the TemplateTab menu at the top (next to the help menu) to run TemplateTab and create a copy of the graphic organizer for each student on the roster… IN THE SAME SPREADSHEET! My motto is why open 30 documents when I can just open one!


YouTube video

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Share Your Spreadsheet

One easy way to share your Google Sheets spreadsheet is to use my AnyoneCanView Chrome extension. After installing the Chrome extension, click on the icon while in your spreadsheet. This will automatically change the sharing permissions from private to anyone with the link can view. It ALSO automatically copies the link to your clipboard. So in one single click you’re ready to share the spreadsheet. Paste the link into a tweet and share with everyone your spreadsheet you made today!

AnyoneCanView Chrome Extension

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