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Google Classroom: TemplateTab for Groups

group templatetab in google classroom
Google Classroom: TemplateTab for Groups

group templatetab in google classroom

Students Collaborating on a Spreadsheet

Students working in the same spreadsheet, yes please. If you have students doing collaborative work on a spreadsheet my Add-on TemplateTab might be super helpful.



Graphic Organizer

The 2nd tab of the TemplateTab spreadsheet let’s you design a graphic organizer. Design the sheet to provide organization for what students will be collaborating on.

design the graphic organizer on the 2nd tab

If students are doing collaborative research a spreadsheet is an excellent tool for sharing sources. Instead of index cards, students can list the website they found information on and how they know that information is credible.

Sample Collaborative Research Template

Collaborative Research Template


Group Members

Decide who is in what group. I like to create a spreadsheet to share with students what group they are in. Here is a sample template if you would like.
Share Spreadsheet of Group Members

TemplateTab for the Group

The group leader will copy and paste the list of group members onto the template. The group leader will use the TemplateTab menu to “Run TemplateTab” to duplicate the graphic organizer for each group member.
Group Leader runs templatetab


The group leader will share the TemplateTab spreadsheet with group members by using the blue share button. Each group member finds their name on the tab along the bottom to contribute to the group activity.
Group Members Find their tab

Google Classroom

To facilitate this through Google Classroom first create an assignment for ALL students. Link the spreadsheet of group members in the assignment. Use this assignment to share assignment directions.
Find your group assignment

Group Leaders Assignment

Create a new assignment in Google Classroom just for the group leaders. Along the top click on “All students” and only select the students who are group leaders. Note: if you click on the All students check box it will UNSELECT all of the students so you can choose individual students to assign to. Add the collaborative template spreadsheet as “Make a copy for each student.” This will give a copy to only the group leaders.
Just for the group leaders

The group leaders will run the TemplateTab with their group members names and share the spreadsheet with group members.


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