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Updated TemplateTab: Make Copies

TemplateTab make copies
Updated TemplateTab: Make Copies

TemplateTab make copies

Google Sheets TemplateTab Add-on

One of my Add-ons that I use most often is TemplateTab. It allows me to create a single spreadsheet with a named tab for each student on my roster. TemplateTab allows all students to be on the same spreadsheet so we can more easily collaborate. It also allows me to more easily review student work since I only have to open ONE document instead of 30.



Create a Graphic Organizer

After making a copy of TemplateTab use the 2nd tab to create a graphic organizer for your students to fill out.


The first tab allows you to copy and paste your roster. The problem is, what if you have more than one class of students?

Copy Per Class

BEFORE you run TemplateTab and create a named tab per student you will want to create a copy. In the TemplateTab menu, next to the Help menu, is the option to “Make Copies.” Choosing this option will ask you how many copies you want to make. Make one copy per class. All of the copies will be in your Google Drive.
TemplateTab create copies

Tip: Name the document before you make copies. Otherwise, all of your copies will say “Copy of Template Alice Keeler TemplateTab.”

Think Ahead

If you teach 6 periods of Algebra 1 (I did) then make 6 copies. Leave the original as a template to use next year. Star it and put it in a templates folder for reuse.

Delete Blanks

Notice the TemplateTab menu also has the option to “Delete Blanks.” This will delete any tabs that have not been edited. For example, if you Mary does not fill out her tab and you choose “Delete Blanks” then her sheet will be deleted. This is most helpful when STUDENTS use TemplateTab to provide peer feedback. They probably would not provide feedback for each student in the class. After providing peer feedback to maybe 3-5 students, running “Delete Blanks” will remove the 25 tabs of student names they did not use.
Delete Blanks

Advanced Tip: Copy To

The way TemplateTab works is to make a copy of the 2nd tab for each student on the roster. I have a blank sheet ready for you to create a graphic organizer, but what if you already have one!

So long as your sheet is the 2nd tab in TemplateTab it will use that to create a copy for each student on the roster. Delete my blank template. Click on the tiny triangle on the tab and choose “Delete.”
Delete the 2nd Tab

Go to YOUR Spreadsheet

Assuming you have a graphic organizer in a different spreadsheet, open that up. Click on the tiny triangle of that tab and choose “Copy to…” You can copy that sheet over to the TemplateTab template. Just make sure your copy is the 2nd tab and you don’t have to recreate the wheel in my spreadsheet.
Copy to





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