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5 Chrome Extensions for Teachers – Part 7

5 Chrome Extensions for Teachers – Part 7

Continuing my series on extensions for Google Chrome that are helpful for teachers.

Highlight Keywords for Google

Highlight Google ChromeThis handy extension helps you to filter information more efficiently. when the extension is activated you simply do a Google search and the keywords that you used in that search will be highlighted.
highlight google search

While initially this may not seem necessary since Google bolds the keywords anyway, when you click on the link to go to the site, the keywords will continue to be highlighted. This helps you to find the key term on the webpage much more quickly.

Click Here to download Highlight Keywords for Google.


mute tab If you are like me, if you have less than 42 tabs open something is wrong. For some reason some websites will all of a sudden start playing a video 20 minutes after you had opened the webpage and you are stuck trying to figure out which tab is making the noise. Wonder no more! Simply click on the music note icon to the right of the Omnibox and it will list which tabs are making sound and allow you to mute the sound.

Click here to download MuteTab for Google.


TimeStats  There are many days I am thinking I am being incredibly productive, yet when I click on this handy little extension I notice I have actually only spent 1 hour using Google Docs and the other 7 hours on Twitter. For teachers this extension is interesting to help us to keep on task, but for students this is a way we can see how productive they have been during class time. Install this extension onto the student chromebooks. Students who you suspect of being off task can show you their timestats to verify if they were or were not doing what you asked of them.

Click Here to download TimeStats.

Chrome Virtual Keyboard

Chrome Virtual Keyboard Sometimes an onscreen keyboard can be very handy. If you are using an interactive white board, one of your keys somehow are missing, or you happen to have a touch interface computer (you know the new ACER chromebook has a touch screen) you may want this extension. While not all websites are compatible with this extension, if the site supports the onscreen keyboard it will show up automatically when your cursor is in a location you can type. Click on the icon in the Omnibox to disable the extension if you do not want it to automatically appear.
Chrome Virtual Keyboard

Click here to download Chrome Virtual Keyboard.

Movenote for Gmail™

MovenoteMovenote is an amazing app. It allows you to upload a PowerPoint or image files and then you can lecture next to them. Click here to view a quick Movenote I made. Creating a Movenote could not be easier. Simply click on the extension, upload files, record your video and hit save. You are given a link to share with students or the option to email that link to a colleague.
Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 2.37.45 PM

Click here to download Movenote for Gmail Extension.

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