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5 Chrome Extensions for Teachers – Part 3

5 Chrome Extensions for Teachers – Part 3

Tech can help us increase our productivity. Here are some extensions for Google Chrome that can help you in the classroom.

Tab Scissors

If I have less than 42 tabs open, something is wrong. What tab scissors will do is split your tabbed browsing up into 2 separate windows. Click on the tab you want to branch off into it’s own window and click on the chrome extension to the right of the omnibox. Notice that is there are 5 (or any number) tabs to the right of your active tab when you click on the Tab Scissors icon those 5 tabs go with the active tab to the new window.

This is particularly helpful if you need your gradebook side by side with your Web 2.0 tool you are using. Or in my case, I like to have Twitter side by side with my lesson planning so I can have easy access to my PLN.

Click Here for the Tab Scissors Chrome extension.

Tab Glue

The companion to Tab Scissors is Tab Glue. It gathers up all of your loose windows and puts them back as tabs in one window.

Click Here for the Tab Glue Chrome extension.

PopOut for YouTube

If you are showing YouTube videos to your class you will want to pop out the YouTube video into it’s own window. This pop out video can be sized, so while it is like being in full screen mode that you do not see the suggested videos and ads on the sides of the normal YouTube page, you do not have to have the video take over the entire screen.

Click Here for the PopOut for YouTube extension.

RollApp File Opener

I am constantly downloading resources from the web. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to download a resource before you can see if it is any good. You can view it of course after you figure out where the heck it downloaded to. RollApp does not fully solve this problem, but it is a huge help.

After installing the extension look for the little blue cloud icon near the omnibox. If a webpage has documents that can be downloaded you are able to click on this icon to reveal a list of all the documents that can be downloaded. In the below example I did a Google search for worksheets on the pythagorean theorem.

After clicking on one of the choices from the list of options RollApp launches a viewer in a floating window to allow me to preview the document. This saved me from finding the download links on the page, figuring out where the document downloaded to and then waiting for the Word program to launch. If you do not have office on your computer this will help immensely since the RollApp viewer is it’s own application and does not require Office to be installed on your computer.

Click here for the RollApp File Opener


Maybe you need a little help focusing so you can get those essays graded. Yes, the internet has cat videos you have not watched yet, but you have grading to do! The I-AM-Studying blocker reveals pie charts of which websites you spend your time on and how much time you spend on these sites. You are then able to have the blocker give you a message of your choosing (I choose a sassy message) to redirect you away from those websites that suck your time.

When I go to a site that I listed as a no no, you are redirected away from the site and your message you set it revealed to you.

The blocker is able to be toggled on and off by a padlock icon near the omnibox. Be warned, I hope your math skills are up to snuff. You must answer a question before it lets you toggle off the blocker.

Click Here to download the I-AM-STUDYING blocker extension.

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