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Twitter for Educators – A Document

Twitter for Educators – A Document

I teach pre-service teachers at California State University Fresno. I require them to use Twitter as part of our activities throughout the semester. I hope to help them to build a sufficient PLN over the course of the semester that they will not feel alone when they are put into a classroom by themselves. To help them get started I created this document. Due to requests for the document from people outside of my class I am posting it on my blog. http://goo.gl/vpyko

1 thought on “Twitter for Educators – A Document

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing it and the possibility of downloading it.
    It is a pleasure when you find people “in the cloud” with these values


    keep going

    Manel Trenchs (an art history teacher who is trying to improve with my studetns using ICT’s)

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