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5 Chrome Extensions for Teachers – Part 4

5 Chrome Extensions for Teachers – Part 4

Continuing my series on helpful Chrome extensions for teachers here are 5 additional extensions you might want to try out.

Copy All URL’s

When finding resources for students you may be like me and end up with multiple tabs open. Using the Copy All URL’s extension will copy all of those tabs to your clipboard, allowing you to paste them all at once onto your class website. This allows you to focus on finding resources rather than going back and forth to curate the class web page.

Hint: Use control W (PC) or command W (Mac) to CLOSE a tab if you decide it is not a resource you want to share with students. Thus leaving you with a list of tabs that you do want to share.

Click Here to download Copy All URL’s extension.

 Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome

Do you find yourself making the same comments over and over again? Using a text expander allows you to type a code and have the full comment replace the code. Unfortunately this extension does NOT work in Google Docs. However, if you are using other web 2.0 tools this works great.

Tip for success: do not use a code that would show up anywhere in any word. Initially I used “sp” to expand to “check your spelling.” Unfortunately the combination of sp shows up in a lot of words such as “especially” which then was changed to “echeck your spellingecially.” I am now throwing in an x into my codes since x is used so rarely. For example “spx” for spelling.

Click Here to download Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome.

Time Warp

Frankly, I have an addiction to blogging… and Twitter. I installed this Time Warp extension to time how long I have spent on each website. Right now I can see a timer showing that so far today I have spent 10 minutes and 9 seconds on alicekeeler.com.

I could use this extension for myself to help keep me focused; I set daily goals about how much time I am allowed to spend on a website. For students I can use this to help them to track how much time they are spending on activities. Perhaps your assignment is to spend 10 minutes practicing spelling words on a particular website and 20 minutes editing their blog… Time Warp can help keep students on track.

Click Here to download Time Warp extension.


dotEPUB takes a website and turns it into an ePub which is compatible with ereaders. This may seem unexciting until you realize that students can now publish their work.

Click Here to download dotEPUB extension.

Window Tiler

Window Tiler is a must have extension. I like to have my windows side by side so I can look at student evidence and then enter that into the gradebook. This does not break up tabs, instead it tiles the windows. If you are not aware, you can grab a tab and pull it out in order to have the tab in its own window. Clicking on the window tiler icon near the omnibox will then sort all of those windows so you can view them all at once.

Click Here to download Window Tiler extension.

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  1. WE ARE NOT WORTHY!! [from Waynes World]; exceptionally helpful series of posts that really addresses workflow from a teachers point of view – I jave joyfully ‘nicked’ everything!!

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