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Student-Led Conferences Template

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When there’s a script or some sort of template for student-led conferences, it also helps families who speak another language.

Push to Slides

Push a Prompt to Slides

Push to Slides If you would like to assign each student a different prompt or question I have coded an Add-on for Google Slides that will allow you to take a list of prompts, randomize them, and push them to an individual Google Slides per student. Template alicekeeler.com/pushtoslides After copying the template, make a list of questions or prompts in… Read More »Push a Prompt to Slides

Fast branching Google Form

Fast: Create a Branching Google Form

Create a Branching Google Form Design your Google Forms to provide immediate feedback by utilizing branching options. Create multiple sections in your Form and add only one question per section that determines which section to jump to next. Answer correctly and the branching should take the student to the next question. Answer incorrectly and be taken to a section with… Read More »Fast: Create a Branching Google Form

Twitter Chat Template

  Google Sheets Spreadsheet Template for Twitter Chats Twitter chats are a great way for educators to interact with other educators. Interacting with teachers not just at our school widens our access to ideas, resources, and teaching techniques. I have created a spreadsheet to help you moderate or participate in a Twitter chat. Template alicekeeler.com/twitterchat Moderating a Twitter Chat A… Read More »Twitter Chat Template

The Office is on Fire – Claim, Evidence, and Elaboration

ELA Lesson: Claim, Evidence, and Elaboration The art of the lesson plan is knowing your students and creating an engaging lesson for the students you actually teach. This is the problem with pre-made lessons from the publisher, they don’t know your students. An English teacher, after noticing his students were really into the television show The Office created a hook… Read More »The Office is on Fire – Claim, Evidence, and Elaboration

Bingo by ALice KEeler


Create a Bingo Board with Google Sheets Use Google Sheets to create multiple, different, Bingo boards from your own list. Template alicekeeler.com/bingo As with all Apps Script coding projects you need to wait a minute for the code to load. Look for the “Bingo” menu to load up next to the Help menu. Choose setUp and authorize the Add on.… Read More »BINGO!

Group Docs

GroupDocs: A Copy Per Group

GroupDocs Add-on Randomly Assigns Students to Groups In the modern world collaboration and getting along with a team is essential. Assigning students to group work can sometimes be tricky. Use my Add-on GroupDocs to assign students to groups and give each group a copy of a collaborative document. alicekeeler.com/groupdocs Steps Make a copy of the template. Set the group size.… Read More »GroupDocs: A Copy Per Group

Outline Your Google Doc

Outline Your Google Doc

Use the Outline Pop Out in Google Docs I really love the outline tool in Google Docs. The only problem was it was a little out of sight out of mind that unless you knew to go to the menu and select to view the outline you may not have known this was a feature. Pop Out Notice in the… Read More »Outline Your Google Doc

connect 4 in Google Sheets

Google Sheets: Play Connect 4

Connect 4 in Google Sheets Chris Brownell (and Sunil Singh)’s book Math Recess is a bad influence on me 🙂 In the book there is a list of games you can play to have fun with math. If I want to play these games asynchronously with someone who isn’t physically with me, Google Sheets is an excellent option. Previously I… Read More »Google Sheets: Play Connect 4

Delete Google Classroom Classes by Alice Keeler

DELETE Google Classroom Classes

Delete Old Google Classroom Classes Before you delete old Google Classroom classes remember you can reuse assignments from old classes. One trick I do is have a class with no students; Assignment Repository. When I am assigning to my class and it’s an assignment I want to reuse for sure… I ALSO assign it to my assignment repository class so… Read More »DELETE Google Classroom Classes