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Push a Prompt to Slides

Push to Slides

Push a Prompt to Slides

Push to Slides Send Prompts

Push to Slides

If you would like to assign each student a different prompt or question I have coded an Add-on for Google Slides that will allow you to take a list of prompts, randomize them, and push them to an individual Google Slides per student.

YouTube video



After copying the template, make a list of questions or prompts in column B.

Spreadsheet put prompts in column B

Google Drive Folder

I use Google Classroom, when I assign each student a copy of a Google Slides it automatically organizes those Slides into a folder in Google Drive. If you do not use Google Classroom, you will need a folder of Google Slides for each student.

Use the Add-on menu to choose “Push to Slides” and Show sidebar.

Add-ons menu Push to slides and Show Sidebar

Select choose a folder in the sidebar. Single click on the folder in Drive that contains Google Slides documents.

Sidebar for Push to Slides. Select "Choose Folder."

Send Prompt

Clicking “Send Prompt” from the sidebar will randomize your prompt list and add a slide to each student’s Google Slides.

Pull Responses

After students have responded to the prompt in their Google Slides, click on “Pull Responses” to bring in each students response to the prompt you assigned them and give them feedback from the spreadsheet.t

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  1. Since it’s set up as an assignment, do students ever actually turn it in to let you know they answered? If they do, can then still send a new prompt? Do you need to return it so that they can resubmit?

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