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Mac Tip: Renaming a File

If you are a user of a Mac you can easily rename files by clicking on the file name under the file icon. Pause a brief second and click again on the document title. This will allow you to edit the file name. Caution: do not edit the file extension. At the end of the document title is the file… Read More »Mac Tip: Renaming a File

MacTip: Searching For Files

If you are using your Mac to attach files you may want to filter a search to find the file you are trying to attach. In the window where you can browse for the files you are wanting to attach do a search in the upper right hand corner. After you type in the search option you can filter the… Read More »MacTip: Searching For Files

MacTip: TextEdit

If you are a Mac user you may not be aware that your computer has a basic text editor. I find this handy when the internet is down or if I just want to paste some information somewhere temporarily. Spotlight Search I keep almost no apps in my dock. Instead I use a spotlight search to find any application I… Read More »MacTip: TextEdit

Using Flickr for Creative Commons Images in a Presentation

In putting together a keynote presentation, I try to be mindful of copyright when choosing my images. Flickr Images are Not Free Most images on Flickr, and on the internet, are under copyright. Creative Commons is a license that content owners can place on their works that gives people permission to utilize the content… with attribution. In other words, give credit!… Read More »Using Flickr for Creative Commons Images in a Presentation

Mac Tip: 3 Finger Push Up

One of my favorite features on my Mac is the ability to place 3 fingers down on the track pad and push in an upward direction. This sorts all of the programs I am working in and displays multiple desktops. Multiple Desktops You are able to add multiple desktops views to your Mac. This allows me to have the internet in… Read More »Mac Tip: 3 Finger Push Up

Mac Tip: A Really BIG Cursor

  If you are demonstrating to students with your mac you might be wiggling around your tiny mouse cursor in hopes that the students can see what you are pointing at. One of the features of the Mac allows you to make your cursor really BIG. Students will be able to easily see what you are clicking on. Note that… Read More »Mac Tip: A Really BIG Cursor

Scrolling Text in Your Presentation

Today at the OC CUE TechFest event the keynote speaker Catlin Tucker included video screencasts in her slide deck. This was particularly clever as it allows her to demonstrate navigating a website without being held hostage to the internet availability or speed. It also allows her to demonstrate a skill without her being stuck behind the podium. Step 1 Go to… Read More »Scrolling Text in Your Presentation