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Mac Tip: 2 Fingers Scrolling – Left to Right

Mac Tip: 2 Fingers Scrolling – Left to Right


Stop using the scrollbars! One of the best things about the Mac is the ability to scroll with just 2 fingers on the trackpad. It does not matter where your mouse is.

Left to Right

When using a spreadsheet or searching the files on my Mac I need to scroll right and left frequently. No need to find the scrollbar at the bottom of the page, just place 2 fingers on the trackpad and swipe to the right or left.

Forward Back on the Web

If you are on a webpage and you are all the way to the left or right of the webpage, then using 2 fingers to scroll will act as the back button.

Personally this drives me nuts. I’m scrolling and then all of a sudden I’m on the previous website, this is particularly bothersome when I am teaching.

System Preferences

Click on the apple in the upper left hand corner. Choose system preferences. Choose the trackpad settings.

More Gestures

Under the “More Gestures” tab, UNCHECK “Swipe between pages.”

more gestures no swipe between pages

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