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Shut the Box Game – Google Slides

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If you are looking for something fun for your students to do during class time try the Shut the Box game. Traditionally this game is played with 2 players, a pair of dice, and 9 tiles. To play this virtually, or digitally, try my Google Slides version. Template Objective The objective of the shut the box game is to remove… Read More »Shut the Box Game – Google Slides

Google Slides for Breakout Rooms

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Use Google Slides in Breakout Rooms No matter if you use Zoom or Google Meet or another video product to do breakout rooms with students, consider having a Google Slides per group. First Slide Built into my First Slide Add-on I have created a way to manage Google Slides for breakout rooms. Note that First Slide is NOT an official… Read More »Google Slides for Breakout Rooms

Google Classroom: Create an Attendance Check In and Schedule It

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Every day I add a question to Google Classroom asking students to indicate their attendance. Create Question Google Classroom is designed to be organized on the Classwork tab. Click on “Classwork” at the top and use the “Create” button to choose “Question.” Choose Multiple Choice The default when you ask a question in Google Classroom is a “Short answer” response.… Read More »Google Classroom: Create an Attendance Check In and Schedule It

Google Meet in Classroom

Now: Meet IN Google Classroom

Google Meet Video Conferencing now integrates with Google Classroom classes. Generate a unique meeting link for each class. Settings Cog Go to the settings cog in the upper right of your class. The ability to add a Meet will be available IF your apps admin has enabled Meet on your domain. If you would like a class meeting link, click… Read More »Now: Meet IN Google Classroom

Private Comments are the Best Part of Google Classroom

Private Comments are the BEST Part of Google Classroom

My favoritist favorite favorite thing about Google Classroom is the Private Comments. Comments in Classroom are not feedback, they are conversations. BEFORE a student even starts an assignment they have the opportunity to ask for help or clarifying question in the Private Comments. You can reply. You can have back and forth conversation with students. Assign Private Comments I would… Read More »Private Comments are the BEST Part of Google Classroom

Super Happy: Google Classroom Stream is BACK

Set up the Stream in Google Classroom The classic design of Google Classroom was a single Stream with all of the student assignments. For some, the lack of ability to organize the Stream how they wanted was a frustration. In response, Google Classroom introduced the Classwork page that allowed teachers to organize their assignments by topic. Return to Classic Stream… Read More »Super Happy: Google Classroom Stream is BACK