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Now: Meet IN Google Classroom

Google Meet in Classroom
Now: Meet IN Google Classroom
YouTube video
YouTube video

Google Meet Video Conferencing now integrates with Google Classroom classes. Generate a unique meeting link for each class.

Settings Cog

Go to the settings cog in the upper right of your class. The ability to add a Meet will be available IF your apps admin has enabled Meet on your domain. If you would like a class meeting link, click “Generate link.” Use the tiny triangle to copy the link or reset the link if desired.

Visible to Students

Making the link visible to students shows the link in the Stream header and also on the Classwork page next to the Calendar and Drive options.

Office Hours

If you are having class office hours you no longer need to generate a Meet nickname per office hour and communicate it with students. Instead, students consistently find the Meet link at the top of the Stream or Classwork and join.

Tip: use alicekeeler.com/gcheader to create a custom header that you include your office hours on.

7 thoughts on “Now: Meet IN Google Classroom

    1. You can copy paste the meet link into an announcement or assignment for your other 4 classes, but the link is not automatically shared across classes. But yes, the other students can join.

  1. Hi Alice,
    Is there a way to create an assignment, add a meet link, and ONLY include a few students in the class? I want to work with a small group of students who are struggling, but I don’t want the rest of the class to see this message. I went through the process INCLUDING only checking off the students’ names that I want, but when I assigned it, the assignment showed up in the class stream. I want only these 8 students to see it.

    Help! Thank you so much!

  2. Unfortunately this only works for accounts within the domain. If students have a Gmail-account (no Gsuite) and join the classroom they have no access to the Meet (: In this case you have to create a link outside the Classroom (via meet.google.com) an share that within Google Classroom updates and even then they have te request to join. Great fan of Classroom but Meet is waaaaaay behind Zoom on sooo many aspects now… it’s really dissapointing.

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