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How to Edit a Google Form

My sister is having her wedding reception soon and I helped her to create a Google Form to collect RSVP’s.  She noticed a grammatical typo and was baffled on how to edit the form once it had already been made.  It is a little tricky since there is not edit button on the form itself.  What is nice about Google… Read More »How to Edit a Google Form

Google Form Notifications

Are you using Google Forms? They are amazing for many reasons. One being to have students submit their homework through so you do not have to carry papers home to grade. Grading from a spreadsheet is quite lovely. But what about forms that you use where you get infrequent responses such as a comment form? You want to receive an… Read More »Google Form Notifications

Google Forms Workaround

I saw someone post a question about how to upload a list of say, 100, names to a Google form for a drop down list. I am not aware of a way to do this, but this was my suggested work around. The other day I posted a blog post on 5 easy steps to pre-populate fields in a Google… Read More »Google Forms Workaround