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Step Up Your Syllabus – Hyperlink the Fun

Step up your syllabus and make it more fun by creating your syllabus in Google Slides™. Hyperlink help direct parents and students to the important information.

Step Up Your Syllabus – Hyperlink the Fun

Instead of a boring Google Doc listing out your class rules and requirements try creating a hyperlinked syllabus in Google Slides. Some might call it a Hyperdoc™, but a Hyperdoc is NOT putting hyperlinks in a Google Doc or Slides. A true Hyperdoc should include all 4 of the C’s. Google Slides kicks up your syllabus by using multi-media and graphic design.

My free Add-on for Google Slides collects no user data! It makes it EASY to create hyperlinks within a Google Slides. Collects NO User Data.

Canva for Education

NOT required, but you can elevate your syllabus by designing it in Canva. Canva is FREE for educators. You can sign up with your school account. Find a presentation template that you like.

The key is textboxes in Google Slides

The way Hyperlink Slides Choice Board works is it reads the TEXTBOXES on the first slide. Any text that is not a choice can be added to the Canva design. Text that needs to link to another slide needs to be saved for the Google Slides.

Science syllabus sample created in Canva. The textbox spots are blank

Notice in this sample Science Syllabus that where I am going to put the text the spots are blank. Determine the outline of your syllabus and have a spot for each of those elements. For example: late work policy, grading policy, required materials, how to contact you, etc..

Download as PNG

After designing your opening page of your syllabus in Canva, use the download option to export as a PNG.

Create a Google Slides

Create a Google Slides and on the first slide use the “Background” option in the toolbar to upload the background you created in Canva.

Add TextBoxes

On the first slide, insert textboxes where you would indicate the different elements of the syllabus. See Sample:

After designing the initial slide of your Syllabus, use the Add-ons menu to select “Hyperlink Slides Choice Board.” Select “Text on Slides.”

This will quickly create a new slide for each textbox on the initial slide. The textboxes are automatically hyperlinked to the individual slides. On each of the individual slides is a home arrow that is hyperlinked back to the initial slide.

Instead of a Guardian Signature…

Instead of a guardian signature consider linking to a Google Form. This would allow you to collect helpful information from the guardian concerning their preferred methods of contact, student strengths and weaknesses, questions about the syllabus, etc…

Publish to the Web

The best way to ensure all of the hyperlinks are working in your syllabus is to share the PUBLISH version of your Slides. Go to the FILE menu in Google Slides and select “Publish to the web.” Copy the publish to the web link and share that link.

Publish to the web

Add to Your Email Signature Line

Using the publish to the web link of your syllabus, add your syllabus to your signature line in your email. This makes it easy for others to refer back to the syllabus without having to figure out where to find it.

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