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The Baby Ate My Syllabus

The Baby Ate My Syllabus

restore this version   I am working on a syllabus for a class I am going to be teaching. I came back to the syllabus to find that my description was replaced with random gibberish by my 1 year old.

Once again revision history in Google Docs has saved me. Without any stress I went to the File menu in Google Docs and chose “See revision history.”
revision history

Clicking on the sidebar an option to “Restore this revision” becomes available. The revisions for that version are color coded in the preview so you can be sure that is the version you want to restore. Everything is back to normal.
restore this version 2

1 thought on “The Baby Ate My Syllabus

  1. This is such a great story Alice and wonderful use of GD
    I had a cat who used to type on the keyboard to express their indignity of the new rival for hew affection and my time.

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