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Adding Chrome Canvas – Drawing

Installing Chrome Canvas to allow students to draw on their Chromebook allows for more in class creativity! Here is how to install it on student Chromebooks.
Adding Chrome Canvas – Drawing

Chrome Canvas is a drawing app! My art-loving students use it to sketch on their Chromebooks.

YouTube video

Having students use Chrome Canvas is as easy as sharing the link with them. Post it into Google Classroom! They can use the download as an image option to submit their work.

Installing Chrome Canvas

Chrome Canvas is a web app so there is really no need to “Install.” However, it can be easier for students to access if the Google Workspace Admin adds it. They will need to go to admin.google.com.

Additional Google Services

Chrome Canvas is not a core Workspace app. Admin will need to enable it under “Additional Google Services.”

Select and turn “On.” Easy peasy!

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