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4 Chrome Extensions for Teachers – March 2015

4 Chrome Extensions for Teachers – March 2015

Here are 4 additional Chrome Extensions that might be useful for teachers. Click Here for the full list

Table Capture

Table CaptureIf a webpage contains tables of data this Chrome Extension allows you to copy the data or send it to a Google Sheet. This is particularly handy for students who are doing research for a project and need to analyze data.

Click Here to install the Table Capture Chrome Extension.

Alice Keeler Gradebook Split

Alice Keeler Gradebook Splitter If your gradebook is web based this Chrome Extension will allow you to save the link to your gradebook in the settings. Pressing the extension opens your gradebook on the right hand side of the screen to allow for side by side grading with student work.
Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 1.40.08 PM

Click Here to install Gradebook Split

Tab Resize

Tab ResizeTab Resize allows you to resize the browser windows you have open to being in a 4×4 grid, side by side or top and bottom. This is helpful for having a website with a tutorial or directions side by side with a project you are working on.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 1.42.11 PM

Click Here to install Tab Resize Chrome Extension.

Full Page Screen Capture

Full Page Screen CapturePress the Full Page Screen Capture icon to create a PNG image of the webpage you are viewing.  This does not simply create an image of the visible screen but will scroll the entire webpage to capture an image. This is helpful when wanting to provide a screenshot of tools to students. This can also be used to capture digital work created by students that contain more content than is visible without scrolling.

Click Here to install Full page Screen Capture

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