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Google Docs Google Play App Store Install

If you use Google Docs you want to be sure to have the mobile version as well. Use google play app store install to get all your favorite Google Apps on your device.
Google Docs Google Play App Store Install

Do you use Google Docs™? Do you have the app installed on your phone? You’re missing out on the full experience if you’re only using Google Docs on the web. Do a Google Play App Store Install.

Offline Access

The app allows you to access and edit your Google Docs if you are offline. You need to plan in advance to open the document on your phone while you are online and tap on the 3 dots icon on the file thumbnail.

tile of google docs with an arrow to the 3 dots

3 Dots Menu

In Google Apps you will see 3 dots menus all over the place. This is the “more options” menu. Always click on the 3 dots “snowman” when you see it.

menu of options in google docs from 3 dots menu

Notice in the menu options that you can select “Available offline.” This will allow you to work on your document on a plane or other low connectivity locations.

google play app store install

The first step to accessing your Google Docs on your mobile device is to go to the Google play app store install. Open up Google Play and type Google Docs in the search bar. This will allow you to install Google Docs. I personally have multiple Google accounts that I use. Since I am logged into them for the purpose of email on my phone I also can access Google Docs for all of those accounts on the mobile app, automatically.

google docs app on the play store

Phone Edits Will Sync

Edits on the phone will store offline. Once your phone comes back online the edits will sync. This will allow you to pick up where you left off, but on your computer instead. I love this feature! I oftentimes get started on a document on my phone while I’m on the go. This is great but not ideal for doing a lot of typing and formatting. Finishing up my document on my computer, the web version, is common. What do I have to do to make this happen? Nothing. Things I typed on my phone will be on the web version of Google Docs.

Add to Home Screen

If the Google Doc is a file you often access on your mobile device consider adding a shortcut to the document to your home screen. Use the 3 dots icon on the Google Docs app to select the option to add to home screen.

Google Play App Store Install

Google Play is a great tool to easily find apps to install on your device. I love that Google Play remembers my Pixel 6 Pro and can send apps right to my phone.

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