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Google Docs: Turn On Offline Access

offline settings Google Drive
Google Docs: Turn On Offline Access

offline settings Google Drive

Access Google Docs Offline

I am on a plane right now and with no WiFi I was able to pull up Google Drive in the Chrome browser and open a recent document I was working on (it was a spreadsheet, no surprise).

Google Drive

You will want to enable offline mode in Google Drive. Go to drive.google.com and click on the settings cog.
Settings cog in google drive

Choose “Settings.”
Choose settings in Google Drive

Offline Checkbox

Check the checkbox for offline.
offline settings Google Drive

offline settings google drive

You will need to do this per device.

Chrome Extension

Turning on “Offline” prompts you to install a Chrome extension. So make sure you’re using Chrome 🙂

Not Perfect

If I know I am going to be offline I try to pull up my documents BEFORE I am offline. Knowing I want to give feedback on student documents, I will open up 10 of them before I get on the plane so I can make sure they will be loaded offline. Documents sync once you’re back online. offline settings Google Drive


You can create blank Google Docs, Sheets and Slides offline. Offline clearly does not have full capabilities as when connected. For example, I am unable to use the Explore panel to do a Google Search when in offline mode or search for images to insert. ffline settings Google Drive

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