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Connect Your Class to Formative

Easily create formative assessments digitally with formative.com. Sync your Google accounts to Formative.
Connect Your Class to Formative
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I am passionate about Formative Assessment. Formative is a freemium digital tool to help you know what your students know so you can FORM WHAT YOU DO NEXT! This to me is the power of EdTech. Knowing NOW how your students are doing so you can CHANGE instruction/lesson/activities to help students be more successful.

Google Formative you can sync your classes

Sync Your Classes

Formative works with many platforms including Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. I synced my Google Classroom class effortlessly. Even after it syncs Formative offers me the ability to add additional students with a code. The students go to app.formative.com/join with the code. Optionally I can just type in student names and email addresses.

Class Options

Google Formative allows you to modify your classes in Formative.Edit co teach clone lock sync or archive

Manually Add a Class

If you do not have the ability to sync your classes or you want to create a Formative class outside of the roster of one of your classes you can easily create a class. Try joining my class at JX9767. (Note, this will expire so it might be invalid when you try it.)

Google Formative manually add a class

Create Formatives

Click on “Formatives” at the top left and create a new Formative.

Add Questions

Google Formative question types. There is a lot of content options.

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