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Sync Your Outlook Calendar to Gmail

Sync Your Outlook Calendar to Gmail

outlook to gcal

As of August 1, 2014 the Google Calendar Sync for Outlook will no longer be supported. This blog post is not a “solution” but rather a work around.


This assumes you have a Google Calendar and you are wanting to have your work Outlook calendar show up on your Google Calendar.


In your Outlook calendar choose to create a “new event.”
outlook new event


When setting up your event, type in your Gmail address into the “Attendees” section.
add your Gmail Address

Edit Event

If someone adds an event to your calendar, you will want to open that event to share with your Gmail.
invited in outlook



In order to add your Gmail as an attendee you need to forward the calendar event to your Gmail. This will add the event to your Google calendar.

3 thoughts on “Sync Your Outlook Calendar to Gmail

  1. This is a good workaround, but it still means I have to go and forward every event created to myself. I do something similar, but rather than going in and forwarding it to myself, I set up a rule in Outlook to forward *all* calendar invites to my Gmail automatically. To do that, go to “Rules > Add Rule” and set one up like so: http://www.screencast.com/t/IZVg2d1sHcP1

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