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Try Formative – It’s Free

Try Formative – It’s Free

Formative assessment forms what we do next! It is not something we put in the gradebook but rather a use of data to reflect on if our teaching is effective and to make adjustments. I am very passionate about formative assessment. One digital tool that you can use for formative assessment is Formative.

Types of Questions

Formative is an assessment tool and it gives you a variety of ways to assess students beyond multiple choice.

Like most EdTech products, Formative is freemium. You will see from the screenshot above that you can ask a free response or a multiple choice question or you can have students respond visually with a drawing. This is free. Video response, graphing, numerical responses are part of the paid upgrade.

Easy to Create

I signed up for the free account by logging in with my Google account. A big button in the upper left says “New Formative.”

A plus icon allows me to “click to add new content.”

Select “Assign” at the top.

Try Formative

It is super easy to make your first Formative. Give it a try and see if this is something you might want to include as part of your formative assessment strategy.

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