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How to Delete the Shared With Me Folder in Google Drive

How to delete the Shared with Me folder in Google Drive. If you wanted to know "How do I delete the shared with me folder" here is a response.
How to Delete the Shared With Me Folder in Google Drive

When Google came out with Google Docs the key feature was that it could be shared, simultaneously, with someone else. These Google Doc files are saved to Google Drive and you can find them under “Shared with me.” This may drive you crazy as you have a hot mess of shared files. You may want to know how to delete the shared with me folder in Google Drive.

Deleting the Shared With Me Folder

The first thing to realize is that the “Shared with me” folder is not a folder at all. It is a FILTER. Since it is a filter it can not be organized. The Drive filter is simply a list of all files that have been shared with you recently.

Shared with me is highlighted on the left side of Google Drive.

Since the “Shared with me” is not a folder, you can not delete the folder (since it isn’t one.) If you do not want to filter your Google Drive for shared files, do not click on “Shared with me.” That is not the answer you were looking for. However, for now, you are unable to customize the filters on the left side of Google Drive.

  • “Shared with me” is a filter
  • “Recent” is a filter
  • “Starred” is a filter

These are pre-made filters to help you locate things quickly.


Google changed how shared files are handled in your Google Drive. If someone shares a file with you and you actually want it organized in a folder in your Google Drive you will have to manually add it to your folder with a shortcut.

A shortcut acknowledges that the file lives in someone else’s Drive. They are the owner of the file and they have organized it how they want to have it. Having different organizational needs, create a shortcut to the file in a folder of your choice.

Right-click on any file under “Shared with me” that you want to have organized in your Google Drive. Select “Add shortcut to Drive.” This will NOT remove it from the FILTER of “Shared with me.” However, you will be able to locate the file in the folder you chose to organize it under.

Add shortcut to Drive highlighted on the right click menu

Deleting Shared Files

In “Shared with me” you can select files and click the trash can icon in the toolbar. This does NOT actually delete the file, but rather, simply removes you from the file. This means you can no longer view or edit the file. You were on the shared list, and now you are not.

The owner of a document is the only one who can actually delete a file.

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Filtering in Drive

You can create your own filters so as to create views you can use. You do not want “Shared with me” as a filter. However, you may want a filter of certain people who share with you.

Google Drive logo and filtering search bar with an arrow to the filter icon.

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