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See Changes in Drive Files and Folders

Once edits have been made to documents in Google Drive how do you know it?
See Changes in Drive Files and Folders

One of the great things about using Google Drive is that the documents are dynamic. Gone are the days of sending someone a Word document, as a copy, them editing on it and you having no idea. So how do you see these changes?

Activity Pane

Single click on a file in Google Drive and press the i key to activate the activity pane. You can also click on the icon in the toolbar that is an i in a circle.

Google Drive press the i key.


[tweet]Any files that have been recently edited, by you or someone else, will show up in the Recent filter. [/tweet] You can find this on the left hand side of Google Drive.

Recent filter in Google Drive

Note that Recent is a FILTER not a folder.

For this reason you can not organize the Recent filter. Instead, you can create your own filters by clicking on the filter icon in the search box at the top of Drive.

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View History

If you want to see who has viewed a particular document, click on the upward trend icon in the upper right. (Note, this is not always available and can be disabled.)

View history in Google Doc the upward trend icon

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