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Give Checklist Feedback in Google Docs using Google Keep

Google Keep is a application that allows you to create notes and checklists. It integrates with Google Docs making it an easy way to add feedback to student work.

Create a Checklist

When you go to keep.google.com you want to click on where it says “Take a note.” However, to create checkboxes in your note, click on the checkbox icon to generate the note.

Take a note

If you are like me I forget to click on the checkbox icon and I create a blank note most of the time. You can still add checkboxes by clicking on the 3 dots in the note. Choose “Show checkboxes”

Create a List of Criteria

For the assignment, what criteria are you looking for that you would check off while looking at student work? Make this list in Google Keep.

Create a list of criteria with checkboxes

Pin the Note

In the upper right of the note, when you hover, is a pin icon. You will want to pin the Keep note that you’re going to be using for feedback.

Click on pin icon

Open Student Work

If students do their work in Google Docs you can use Google Keep to easily add feedback to their document. Look for the Google Keep icon in the right sidebar. Note: If you open student work in the feedback tool in Google Classroom you will not have access to Google Keep. Pop out the document or access student work from Google Drive.

Check Off Criteria

As you review student work and observe the student completing elements on the checklist, check them off in the sidebar.

Drag the Feedback

Drag feedback to student document

You can drag Google Keep notes from the sidebar right onto the Google Document.

Suggestion: Create feedback areas in the Google Documents for where you plan on dragging Keep Note feedback.

Uncheck in Note

Be sure to uncheck the checked checkboxes when reviewing another student’s work. This will return the criteria to the list for you to check off.

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