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Email Collaborators in Google Apps


I love that G Suite is designed first around collaboration. I had a buddy in Ireland I was chatting with the other morning and I told him to make a Google Sites ( and share it with me. I go to Google Drive and click on “Shared with me” and sitting there is “Untitled site.” STEP ONE! COLLABORATE! He didn’t need to do one stinking darn thing to the Google Sites website to share it with me, not even name it.

Google Apps

A feature I use FREQUENTLY in Google Apps documents (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings) is “Email collaborators.” This not only let’s you send a note to anyone you are collaborating with about that document, it puts the link to the document in the email automatically!

If you want someone to do action on something… like read it… ALWAYS include the link.

File Menu

Use the File menu in Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Drawings to choose “Email collaborators.”

Edit the Subject Line

A pop up will appear that will default your email to the document title. I recommend you edit it slightly IN THE FRONT to indicate what the email is about more specifically. “Input on agenda for …” or “Please review edits on …” or “Feedback left for …”

Student Feedback

When I leave in document comments on student work, before I close the document I will use the File menu and choose “Email collaborators” to notify the student that I am ready for them to respond to my feedback. Editing the subject line to “Respond to my feedback on …” helps students know I actually want them to do something with my feedback. The email notification contains the document link so they can quickly respond.


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