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A Reason to Celebrate: Import Questions to Google Forms

import questions to google forms

Import from Other Google Forms

How awesome is Google Forms. Can’t live without it. And as usual, the Google peeps are always working to add new features to make it even better. Now you can easily grab questions from other Google Forms you have.

Choose Which Form

This really could not be easier. Click on the icon and pick a Google Form. In the sidebar a list of the questions from the Form populates in a really clean an compact format. Simply checkbox the questions you want to import.

Spiral Review

Effective for learning is to keep coming back to topics. This new feature makes spiral review so much easier. Choose a question or two from previous units where you used Google Forms and quickly create a review for students.

Question Bank

This new, and wicked easy, feature now creates a question bank for Google Forms.

Consider for each unit creating a giant Google Form with a lot a lot of questions. Name it “Unit 5 Question Bank”. Do not give it to students. Now when you want to ask students a question from that unit simply search for “Unit 5 Question Bank” and pick a few. EASY PEASY!

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