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Google Classroom – Assignment Templates

Templates in Google Classroom
Google Classroom – Assignment Templates
Templates bank

Create an Assignments Templates Bank

I have a style. There are certain ways I write my directions. Certain resources I use all the time. Certain assignment types I like to do over and over again. This means I am also typing the same thing over and over and over again. THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!

Templates Google Classroom class with zero students.

Make Templates

Create a Google Classroom with no students. Invite your teacher friends as co-teachers to this class with no students so they can join in the template making and sharing.

Use the CREATE button on the Classwork tab to create an assignment. Write it GENERICALLY. You are creating a template for your morning warm-up. For your research paper requirements.

Generic assignment template

Hashtag and 3 Digit Number

My best tip really is to NUMBER EVERYTHING you put into Google Classroom with a hashtag and 3 digit number. Set up your generic assignment template with #000 so you can edit it when you use the template.

Leave Space

Notice in my sample image that I have space for where I will add what the project actually is once I use the template.

Generic Directions

What are those reminders you like to always include? Let this be the last time you have to type the same thing over again 🙂 Make them super specific to your class even. “After you are done, find the green turn in bin by the back door and put it in there.”

Include school policy reminders if needed. Include reminders to use good digital citizenship and to cite sources.

Document Templates

Sadly, when you reuse an assignment it only lets you copy EVERYTHING. Ugh, I rarely want to copy anything. All of the attachments in a Google Classroom assignment are actually in Google Drive so there is no reason to want to copy an image, video, directions document, etc… so make sure any documents you attach from Google Drive are templates that you want copies of. Anything else, use a LINK not actual files. For example, if you have a video link to the video instead of adding the video from Drive.

Resource Links

If students would likely use photos, add some links to the Smithsonian, NASA, or photosforclass.com. Are you likely to refer to the website for the class textbook? Put that link in there.


When you reuse an assignment the rubric will also be reused. By making a template with an included rubric you won’t have to go through the hassle of finding the rubric you used on a previous assignment.

Current Class

In your current class, go to the Classwork page and use the CREATE button to “REUSE post.” Choose the Templates class with no students. Since this is a templates only class you are not wading through every assignment you’ve given, but rather are quickly able to choose from a bank of assignment types.

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