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5 Things to Click On When Sending Gmail

5 Things to Click On When Sending Gmail

Explore Sending an Email in Gmail

Sending an email seems easy enough… but sometimes it is not obvious that features are hiding under your nose. Try these 5 things when writing an email.

1) Click the To

When composing a message it is not obvious that the word “To” does anything. Clicking on the word “Subject” does nothing. Click on “To” to bring up your contacts book. Organize your contacts and make groups at contacts.google.com.

2) Arrow on Reply

When replying to an email I recommend you consider changing the subject line if the conversation has shifted. In the upper left hand corner of the reply email, where the “To” is on a fresh email, click the tiny triangle next to the reply swoop. Choose “Edit subject.” This starts a new email thread that provides context to what you’re replying about.

3) Send Options

This is pretty new so you probably don’t think about it even being possible. You can schedule when you send an email. Avoid the recipient thinking “Doesn’t this person have a life, they are emailing me at 2am?!” and schedule the email to arrive when they get to work. To the right of the Send button is a arrow to be able to select “Schedule send.”

4) Google Keep Icon

What was it you wanted to tell someone? If you use Google Keep to help you remember things you can click on the Google Keep icon in the side of Gmail to find your notes.

5) 3 Dots More Options Menu

In the bottom right when composing an email is a 3 dots menu. Label your email before you send it. A label in Gmail is a folder. This organizes the emails you send, making it easier to keep track of important emails.

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