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Snagit Educator Pricing

discounted snagit
Snagit Educator Pricing
discounted snagit

Snagit Screenshot, Record, and GIF

I can not live without Snagit. I use it multiple times every single day. Download the free trial and try it out! Pretty much all the screenshots in any of my books and on my blog are Snagit. The best feature is the one click GIF creation. I screen record using Snagit. Trim the video if needed. Then with one click, it turns the video into an animated GIF that I can literally DRAG into Google Slides and Docs.

One click GIF in Snagit

One Time Cost – $26.95

This pricing is a one time fee, NOT a subscription. Regular price is $49.95. With the additional 10% off of educator pricing your price is a one time cost of $26.95.

I asked for a discount code, but they only do affiliate links to give discounts. I donate any proceeds.

Camtasia Discount

If you want to up your video editing game by making higher quality videos for your students, try Camtasia.

Images I’ve Created with Snagit

Here are some random images from my blog that I used Snagit for:

Google Drive annotated with Snagit
Notice the arrows and key image I was able to add to the screenshot.
Add a drop shadow
This screenshot I was able to easily add a drop shadow to the screenshot.
added text to the screenshot
On this Snagit screenshot I added text art to the screenshot.
click the tiny triangle
These one click animated GIF’s can be dragged right into Google Docs and Slides

Alice Keeler YouTube Channel

Most of the videos on my YouTube channel were created with Snagit. It is easy to record my screen, with or without my face, do light edits, and upload to YouTube.

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