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Google Classroom: Edit Class Name

rename Google Classroom class

Google Classroom: Edit Class Name

rename Google Classroom class

Edit Class Name in Google Classroom

You created your Google Classroom and possibly created a title that is way too long.
Title a class in Google Classroom

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The class title can be truncated in the header image. This can make your Google Classroom class look cluttered.
Header does not show all of the title

Naming Tip

Keep it short. Consider what do students see first when looking at the menu of classes? The class tiles and the list of their classes only reveal the first few words.
Only shows the first few words

Consider letting the first two words be your name and the class name. Like “Keeler Algebra” or “Keeler Computer Science” or even better “Keeler CS.” Remember you do not need to describe the class in the class title, it is simply something for you and the students to QUICKLY reference the class.

Put the class description on the About tab in Google Classroom.

Second Line

I highly recommend putting the school year in the second line. It will make it much easier when you go to reuse something if you can easily see the time period that the class took place. Even when I am doing a workshop for teachers using Google Classroom I will put the month and year in the second line.

3 Dots on the Class Tile

To edit a class title go to the class tiles page. You can get there by going to classroom.google.com or clicking on the 3 lines menu in the upper left and choosing “Classes.” Locate the class tile and click on the 3 dots menu on the tile.
3 dots on the tile


Choose “Edit” from the menu.
Edit from the menu

There you can replace the original class title and section.
Keep it short

Folder Not Renamed

While you have renamed the class, the folder name remains super long. Click on the folder icon on the class tile to reveal the Google Drive folder for that class.
Class Google Drive folder

Notice in the breadcrumbs that the folder name is still ridiculously long.
Ridiculously long folder name in Google Drive

Rename It

The only person who can view or have access to this folder is you and any co-teachers you might have. You can rename the class folder to whatever you want that helps you to more easily identify your class folder. By the way, this class folder is a sub folder of the Classroom folder which is in My Drive.

Student Folders Are Still Long

Each student has a class folder of their own. This is not the same as your class folder. The class folder is created upon enrolling in the class. If the student enrolled in the class when it had a super long name then their folder will have a super long name. If you renamed your class and a student joined the class late, that student’s folder will reflect the updated class name.

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