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Google Keep: Send to Google Doc

Convert your Google Keep notes into Google Docs.
Google Keep: Send to Google Doc
Google Keep to Docs

I use Google Keep to keep track of my brainstorms, todo lists, and to take quick notes. The app works offline which makes it great for jotting down ideas when I am on a plane. In a nutshell, Google Keep is digital “post it” notes. I can create a note, list, insert an image, or record my voice. I can color code the notes, tag them to sort notes by category, and of course I can search the notes.

Google Keep is by Google

Obviously Google Keep is a Google product. Which means you do not have a new login. Google Keep syncs across devices. I can access from any web browser at http://keep.google.com or on my phone app. I can also share notes with other users to create collaborative brainstorms.


Keep it Simple

Google Keep is perfect for when you need quick access to your ideas. Creating a Google Doc for your todo list can be like shooting an ant with an elephant gun.

Send to Google Doc

Sometimes I am using Google Keep to brainstorm some ideas on the fly. I then want to develop my ideas further in a Google text document. Click on the note in Google Keep. Along the bottom of the note are options to set a reminder, add a collaborator, change the color, add an image, archive or see additional options. Under the stacked triple dots is the option to “Copy to Google Doc.”
Make a copy

A new Google Doc is created in your Google Drive with the information from the note. This is super simple and really useful. If you are using the Google Keep app you choose “Send” from the additional options and send to Google Drive to accomplish the same thing.

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