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Google Keep Chrome Extension

Google Keep Chrome Extension
Google Keep Chrome Extension

Google Keep Chrome Extension

Google Keep

Google Keep allows you to keep track of ideas and take short notes. I use the app on my phone daily to capture my brainstorms and to jot down quick notes. I can access those notes easily from any browser at keep.google.com. Google Keep recently updated the app and added a Chrome extension.
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Google Keep Chrome Extension

Adding the Chrome extension allows you to quickly add weblinks or pictures on a webpage to Google Keep. This can be very helpful for lesson planning. When you come across a resource you can go beyond simply bookmarking the website. Add a note for your ideas on how you will teach with the resource. The note is easy to locate at keep.google.com or on your mobile device with the app.
google keep Chrome extension

Share Your Ideas

Google Keep has many neat features, one is the ability to share a note. When in the app or using the browser, click on the share icon.
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Use the Chrome extension to capture a teaching resource or educational article. Share the note with a colleague to brainstorm together on the note for how to utilize with students.

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