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7 Features of Google Keep for You To Teach With

As a teacher you may not know about Google Keep. However, these 7 Google Keep features for teachers will be very helpful.
7 Features of Google Keep for You To Teach With

Google Keep, a versatile tool for teachers and students, simplifies creating quick notes, to-do lists, and saving essential information. Describing it as ‘digital post-it notes’ aptly captures its convenience and utility. For educators and learners, Google Keep features enable seamless capturing and sharing of swift thoughts, enhancing collaboration. I frequently leverage a useful trick: synchronizing the web and mobile versions of Google Keep. This method allows for active engagement, such as swiftly taking a picture with my phone and having it instantly available on my computer, bridging the gap between mobile and desktop experiences.

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Google Keep Features for Teachers

1. Filter by Color

When creating a note you have the option to color code the note. Students can color code their notes based on the type of activity they are doing. Quick note, todo list, importance, etc..

Screenshot of Google Keep assigning a color to the note as a feature in Google Keep for teachers
Click on the artist pallet icon to choose a color.

In the search box at the top, there is a small drop down arrow that will allow you to filter your search.

Click on the arrow to search in Google Keep
Google Keep Features for Teachers

2. Share Audio Feeback

When discussing Google Keep features for teachers, feedback should be a top priority. 

In the mobile app there is the option to record a note. While reviewing student work or just needing to provide some advice or support to a student, use Google Keep to record the student an audio message. In addition to the audio recording, a transcript is automatically created. The student can read or listen to your note.

Share the Note

After creating the audio note, click on the share icon in the note to add the students email address to the note. The student will be able to find the feedback easily in their Google Keep.

Screenshot of Google Keep on mobile
Use your phone to record feedback

3. Take Offline Notes

The Google Keep mobile app, a key feature for teachers and learners, offers remarkable flexibility by functioning seamlessly both online and offline, unlike its web counterpart at keep.google.com, which requires an internet connection. When faced with situations lacking WiFi, this feature becomes particularly useful. It enables me to easily jot down notes, brainstorm ideas, or kickstart projects, ensuring continuous productivity irrespective of my online status.

4. Label Your Notes for Google Keep Features for Teachers

Keep your notes organized by applying a label. Look for the 3 dots “More options” icon. One of those choices is “Add label.” Google Keep allows you to tag the note

Screenshot of Google Keep using the 3 dots as a feature of Google Keep for teachers
Google Keep features for teachers add multiple labels to a note
Google Keep notes can have multiple labels.
3 lines menu
To filter the notes by label, click on the 3 lines menu icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Edit or delete labels by clicking on the pencil in the menu.

5) Sent to a Google Doc

Starting with Google Keep for brainstorming and collaboration offers an effective approach. Teachers and students can efficiently share a note in Google Keep to outline necessary tasks for a project or activity. When a teacher prompts with ‘real quick, everyone…’, students can swiftly capture notes. This makes Google Keep ideal for those rapid notes that don’t require the full setup of a Google Doc.

However, there are times when your ideas in Google Keep need more development. In such cases, simply transition your note to Google Docs for further expansion and formalization. By clicking on the three dots icon within the note, you can select ‘Copy to Google Doc.’ This action creates a new Google Doc in your Drive, copying the note’s content into the document.

Moreover, Google Keep serves as an invaluable tool for students to record notes and observations during activities. Post-activity, they can seamlessly transfer these notes to Google Docs, crafting a detailed lab report. In Google Classroom, students enhance their workflow by clicking ‘Add’ and easily attaching their work from Google Drive for submission.

Screenshot of 3 dots in Google Keep note to copy to google doc

Learn More about Google Docs from Teacher Tech

6) Create a Drawing

The mobile app allows you to sketch a drawing in a Google Keep note. What is fun is to see your drawing you made on your mobile device show up right away in the web version on your laptop.

Screenshot of a drawing of a parabola in Google Keep

These drawings can be shared or copied to a Google Doc. Sketch out a math diagram in Google Keep. Make a few comment notes about the diagram and use the “Copy to Google Doc” feature to create a document that contain your drawing.

Screenshot of drawing transferred to the Google Doc

7) Grab Image Text

Utilize Google Keep on a mobile device or through your computer’s webcam/document camera to import images that include text. This powerful Google Keep feature for teachers and students can decipher the text within these images and transform it into editable text, enhancing the efficiency of information capture and utilization.

Screenshot of google keep note
3 dots menu in a Google Keep note to copy image text

Look for the 3 dots icon to choose “Grab image text.” Optionally, send the note to Google Docs to have a transcription of your image text.

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