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7 Features of Google Keep for You To Teach With

7 Features of Google Keep for You To Teach With

7 features Google Keep

Google Keep is an easy way to take quick notes, create to-do lists, or save important information. You can describe Google Keep as “digital post it notes.” Google Keep is great for teachers and students to capture quick thoughts and to collaborate. One trick I use a lot is using the web version with the mobile version at the same time. Taking a picture with my phone in Google Keep quickly gets the image onto my computer.

Google Keep


Google Play App

iOS App

Google Chrome

1)Filter by Color

When creating a note you have the option to color code the note. Students can color code their notes based on the type of activity they are doing. Quick note, todo list, importance, etc..

Click on the artist pallet icon to choose a color.
Color Note

In the search box at the top, there is a small drop down arrow that will allow you to filter your search.
Click on drop down arrow
Filter by color

2) Share Audio Feedback

In the mobile app there is the option to record a note. While reviewing student work or just needing to provide some advice or support to a student, use Google Keep to record the student an audio message. In addition to the audio recording, a transcript is automatically created. The student can read or listen to your note. Tip to color code the feedback notes.

Share the Note

After creating the audio note, click on the share icon in the note to add the students email address to the note. The student will be able to find the feedback easily in their Google Keep.

3) Take Offline Notes

While Google Keep only works online at keep.google.com, the Google Keep mobile app works great online or off. When I am in a situation where I do not have WiFi, Google Keep allows me to jot down notes, ideas or start on a project.

4) Label Notes

Keep your notes organized by applying a label. Look for the 3 dots “More options” icon. One of those choices is “Add label.” Google Keep allows you to tag the note
3 Dots more options

Google Keep notes can have multiple labels.
add multiple labels

To filter the notes by label, click on the 3 lines menu icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Edit or delete labels by clicking on the pencil in the menu.
edit labels

5) Send to Google Doc

Google Keep is a great place to start brainstorming and collaborating. Share a Google Keep note and plan out what needs to be done for a particular project or activity. Students can take notes quickly when the teacher says “real quick everyone…” Google Keep is perfect for those quick notes that do not require setting up a whole Google Doc.

Sometimes what you start in Google Keep needs to be expanded beyond a short note. Send your note to Google Docs to formalize and expand. Click on the 3 dots icon in the note to choose “Copy to Google Doc.” A new Google Doc will be created in your Google Drive and the content is copied to the document.
Copy to Google Doc

Students using Google Keep can use it to take notes and observations during an activity. After the activity, students send the note to Google Docs and make a formal lab report out of their notes. In Google Classroom, students click on “Add” and search their Google Drive to add their work for submission.

6) Create a Drawing

The mobile app allows you to sketch a drawing in a Google Keep note. What is fun is to see your drawing you made on your mobile device show up right away in the web version on your laptop.
Drawing in a Note

These drawings can be shared or copied to a Google Doc. Sketch out a math diagram in Google Keep. Make a few comment notes about the diagram and use the “Copy to Google Doc” feature to create a document that contain your drawing.
Google Keep to Google Doc

7) Grab Image Text

Use Google Keep on a Mobile device or with the webcam/document camera of your computer to insert images that contain text. Google Keep will read the text in the image and convert it to editable text.

Look for the 3 dots icon to choose “Grab image text.” Optionally, send the note to Google Docs to have a transcription of your image text.
Grab image text

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