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5 Features of Google Keep

5 Google Keep Features

5 Features of Google Keep

Google Keep is like digital Post-it notes but better! I highly recommend you switch from the notes app on your phone to using Google Keep. Because Keep is by Google you can access your notes easily on almost any device. Use the Google Keep app on your mobile device and then find the notes on the web at Collaborate with your notes! Share a note with someone else, significantly increase your collaboration productivity. Search for notes, it is a Google product after all. Use the search bar at the top of Google Keep to easily find those notes you created, even if they have been archived.

Here are 5 features to know about in Google Keep

1. Make a Multi-Media Note

When creating a Google Keep note you can simply take a note, or you can use checkboxes, add a photo, or sketch a drawing. OR you can do all 3.
Checkboxes, picture or drawing

add multiple elements


Click on the 3 dots in the Keep note to “Add drawing.”
Add drawing to the note

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2. Integrate with Google Docs

Google Keep has 2 awesome ways to integrate with Google Docs. From Google Keep, click on the 3 dots and choose to “Copy to Google Docs.” The entire note will be created in a new Google Doc. But what if you’re already working on a document? From the Google Doc, use the Tools menu and choose “Keep notepad.”
Tools menu keep notepad

This will open up your Google Keep notes right in the sidebar of the Google Doc. Drag the notes from the sidebar into the document. When you do create a multi-media note, the different elements are added separately to the Google Doc, allowing you to choose how to arrange it in the document.
Drag notes from the sidebar

3. Sort By Color

Click on the search bar at the top and you are taken to a screen that allows you to filter your search by color, or by the person you shared the note with. Take that standard note app! When I go to a conference I have a specific color I use for notes I take at a professional learning event so that I can easily pull them back up later. My to-do lists are always in blue. My brainstorm ideas are in green.
Organize and Search by Color

4. Hashtag (Label) Notes

While creating your note include a hashtag in the note. You will be prompted to create a label with that hashtag. Now you can sort your notes by color and label.
Create a label

5. Pin a Note

The notes that you need quick reference to you can pin to the top. Click on the push pin icon when hovering over a note to pin it to the top.
Pin to the top

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