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Google Drive: P for Preview

Google Drive: P for Preview I highly suggest you learn one keyboard shortcut a week. You’ll be a computer ninja in no time! When you are using Google Drive click on file and press the letter P. This will open a preview of the file. Esc Press the escape key to exit the preview. Next […]

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Control T – Open a New Tab

Control T – Open a New Tab I have to admit I get a little twitchy when I see someone using the mouse or trackpad to open a new tab. CONTROL T! Learning keyboard shortcuts is one of the easiest ways to significantly improve your efficiency when using the computer. Take the challenge to learn […]

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Google Sheets: Pixel Art Trick

pixel art trick

Google Sheets: Pixel Art Trick Students love using pixel art. It is basically paint by number. There are lots of ways for students to use pixel art for academic reasons. Check out this brownie division activity adapted from a Jo Boaler Mathematical Mindsets activity. To represent their understanding of division multiple ways students use the […]

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Control W – Stop Making The Long Trek to the Top

control w close tabs

Use Control W to Close Tabs Now that we are doing more digital grading that is a lot of mouse clicks. Increase your efficiency in going through student work by using Control W (Command W on a Mac). Stop making the long trek to the top of the computer screen. I am solidly in the […]

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Chromebook: Post Screenshots to Google Slides

Chromebook screenshots to slides

Chromebook: Post Screenshots to Google Slides One thing I advocate is for students to take screenshots of their work while they are working on a Chromebook. This provides a level of accountability for what the students are working on during class and also provides the student with images to discuss their work. Screenshots are easily […]

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Pin Tab: Google Classroom, Email, Gradebook, Drive

pin tabs in google chrome

Pin Tab: Google Classroom, Email, Gradebook Google Chrome allows you to pin a tab in the browser. The moves the tab to the front and locks it to the front. This can be really helpful for websites you visit a lot. Pin Tab To pin a tab, right click on the Chrome browser tab and […]

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Get That One Character You Missed When Highlighting

highlight or select the missing character

Get That One Character You Missed When Highlighting This morning I was highlighting, selecting, a URL. I missed it by one character (always!). This is an easy fix!! Hold down the Shift key and use the arrow keys to highlight one character at a time. Shift Left Arrow Shift left arrow will select one character […]

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Google Drive: Press N to Rename

control n rename files in google drive

Use N to Rename a Google Doc In Google Drive you can easily rename files using the keyboard shortcut N. Single Click Click one time on a file in Google Drive.┬áPress N to prompt a box to rename. Mass Rename One time I accidentally attached the wrong document in Google Classroom. I had to delete […]

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Control Slash: Find Your Keyboard Shortcuts

Find your keyboard shortcut

Find Your Keyboard Shortcuts This trick will work for you if you are a user of Google Apps: Drive, Sheets, Slides, Docs, Drawing or Forms Control Slash Hold down the Control key and press the slash (question mark) key on the keyboard to reveal a list of keyboard shortcuts. Note this works in most Google […]

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ZOOM – Control Plus, Minus, Zero

Zoom in on your Chrome browser

Zoom in On Your Screen When showing your screen, and especially when recording your screen, you want to zoom in. These keyboard shortcuts work on your browser window (ie: when you’re using Chrome). Control Plus Hold down the Control key (Command on a Mac) and press the plus key repeatedly to zoom in. Control Minus […]

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Google Drive: Share with a Period

Sharing in Google Drive

Be a Keyboard Shortcut Ninja Learn one keyboard shortcut a week and you’ll be a ninja of the computer by the end of the school year! Put your keyboard shortcut on a Post-It note on your computer. When you have that one mastered, learn another one. Sharing in Google Drive What makes Google Apps truly […]

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Google Forms: Control E

google forms control E

Google Forms Settings With the new Google Forms you want to make sure that you click on the settings wheel. The Google Form settings allow you to set who can take the form, provide a confirmation message, automatically collect username (email) or allow students to submit another response. Control E Since you want to check […]

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Google Forms: No Joke – Use JK to Move Items

When creating Google Forms,┬ásometimes you have a need to change the question order. One method is to select a question. a 2×3 grid of dots will appear at the top center of the question. Notice when you hover over the “grippy dots,” the cursor changes to a 4 way arrow. This indicates you can hold […]

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Google Forms: Tab Tab Type

When I first saw that the new Google Forms only has one option for multiple choice I was disappointed. Using the mouse is something I try to avoid. Tab and keyboard shortcuts can help me be super productive when creating. Happily a few tricks makes it a snap to create a Google Form. Tab and […]

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