Certify’em Add-on: How to Change the Passing Percentage

Certify’em is a tool that lets you send a certificate when someone passes a quiz in a Google Form. Use it to reward and excite students or train faculty and staff. It’s super easy to use and has fully illustrated instructions here. Certify’em Instructions...

Open Search Results in a New Tab

Hat tip to Ryan McKinney for finding a feature to open results from a Google Search in a new tab. I am in the habit of holding down the Control key when I click on search results. This opens the page in a new tab so I do no lose my Google Search. Rarely do I want only...

Use Hashtags in Google Keep

Google Keep is a tool I use every day. Think digital sticky notes… But Google style, so they are collaborative and work with Docs and Slides. Hashtags are Labels Using hashtags in a Google Keep note helps you to search for things you want to get back to. Using a...

Google Forms: Paste a LOT of Student Names

Tip for using Google Forms: Try to use Multiple Choice and Drop Down options as often as possible. When you let students or others fill in the Form with open response answers it is difficult to sort and filter by that response. If possible, add a drop down list of the...

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