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Help Your Students Prepare to Present

Maximize student success in presentations with 'Speaker Notes by AliceKeeler,' the ideal Google Slides add-on. Enhance how students prepare to present with easy transfer of speaker notes to Google Docs, promoting effective communication skills. Dive into the world of engaging, technology-aided presentations and empower students to shine in their academic endeavors. Discover the key to transforming student presentations into interactive, skill-building experiences.
Students Prepare to Present
Help Your Students Prepare to Present

As educators, we recognize the importance of empowering students to effectively communicate their ideas. In today’s learning environment, where digital tools like ChatGPT are increasingly prevalent, it’s essential to encourage students to develop their communication skills in more interactive and personal ways. This led me to create “Speaker Notes by AliceKeeler,” an add-on for Google Slides designed to transform how students prepare to present. Through this tool, preparing and delivering presentations becomes an engaging and skill-building experience, vital for student growth.

Speaker Notes by AliceKeeler

Students Prepare to Present

Obviously students are born knowing how to present. This is a learned skill that requires practice and feedback. 

Simplifying the Process of Expression

Speaker notes are a crucial element in presentation preparation, offering a structured way for students to organize their thoughts and articulate them clearly. My add-on takes this a step further by seamlessly transferring these notes from Google Slides to a Google Doc. This functionality not only simplifies the process but also enhances how students prepare to present, providing a clear and accessible format for them to refine their presentations.

Making Practice More Accessible and Effective

By shifting speaker notes to a Google Doc, I aim to give students a more adaptable platform to practice and perfect their presentations. This flexibility is especially important in helping students to become more confident speakers; ensuring every student has the tools they need to prepare to present confidently and competently.

Integrating Technology in Developing Presentation Skills

When guiding students through presentations, incorporating visual aids like Google Slides can significantly enhance the experience. Although mastering presentations without such aids is a commendable skill, typically, preparing a set of slides is beneficial. These slides not only serve as a guiding framework during the presentation but also act as a valuable resource for reference afterward. This approach strikes a balance between developing strong presentation skills and utilizing effective visual support.

Utilizing Digital Tools for Empowered Learning

Integrating my add-on with Google Slides is a step towards merging technology with traditional learning methods. This integration is not just about making tasks easier; it’s about reshaping the way students prepare to present, making the entire process more interactive and impactful.

Preparing Students for a Digitally-Driven World

In a world where digital literacy is increasingly important, it’s essential to equip students with the skills to navigate and utilize digital tools effectively. This add-on is part of that journey, helping students not just in mastering the art of presentation but also in becoming proficient in using digital platforms to enhance their learning.

Using Speaker Notes by AliceKeeler

Speaker Notes by AliceKeeler collects NO user data! No PII. It is safe to use with your students. 

Starting with a Google Slides, students will utilize the area below each slide to plan out what they will say on the slide. When creating presentations I prefer to have little to no words. “You are your presentation.” You want to avoid having the audience read your slide and try to listen to you at the same time. 

Students Prepare to Present with Speaker Notes

Especially when students are preparing to present without being able to read the slide they need to have a lot of practice. 

Send to a Google Doc

After installing “Speaker Notes by AliceKeeler” the Add-on will be available in the extensions menu. Students can easily use the Add-on to generate a Google Doc with the presentation outlined. 

Using the Google Doc, students can quickly read through or print what they want to talk about to prepare to present.

Provide Students Feedback

Whether you create the Google Doc of speaker notes from the presentation or students share their Google Doc with you, it is easier to provide students feedback. 

Insert comments into the Google Doc to help students refine their ideas to effectively communicate their topic.

As a teacher you are not able to add comments on the speaker notes. You can only add comments to elements on the slide. By having the comments on a Google Doc you can highlight words or phrases and use Control Alt M to insert comments for the student. 

Become a Premium Member

Want more help with using Speaker Notes by Alice Keeler? Consider becoming a premium member! 

Premium Features in Speaker Notes by AliceKeeler

When exporting to a Google Doc each slide number is added as a heading. This makes it clear what slide the speaker notes are for. 

Slide Title Exported to Google Docs

Instead of the slide number as the headings in the Google Doc, premium members are able to export the slide title to the Google Doc. 

Premium Add-ons by Alice Keeler

Many of my Add-ons contain premium features only accessible by premium members. As a premium member you will be able to use these features with your classroom. You also have access to office hours, tech support, exclusive content, webinars, and archives. 

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  2. I like your idea of putting the speaker notes on a google doc. It’s also a case where maybe having the kids write out their speaking notes by hand would be useful

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