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Grab a Spreadsheet Cell from Each Student

Finally! A way to grab a spreadsheet cell from individual student spreadsheets. This allows you to easily review all students responses to a question in one place.
Grab a Spreadsheet Cell from Each Student
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Now that I am on summer vacation from teaching I have been able to add a lot of new features to my Add-ons. As you know, I love a spreadsheet. And of course, I think you should too! What can you not do with a spreadsheet? I highly encourage you to use more Sheets instead of Docs!! You can sort and filter spreadsheets. You can set up conditional formatting and spreadsheet formulas to check student responses. You have more room to provide feedback to students. And so many more reasons to consider Google Sheets as the medium. I have added the ability to grab a spreadsheet cell from each student.

Have you ever wanted to check a single answer from each students individual document?

Students view and edit their own sheet. This allows you to grab a spreadsheet cell from each student.

sheetPusher Add-on for Google Sheets

I have created sheetPusher with the idea that you want each student to have their own document but want the convenience of managing all of the individual student sheets from a central location.

Start a Google Sheets Spreadsheet

Convert your activity or worksheet to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Make the columns wider. Set word wrap. Turn off gridlines: View->Show->Gridlines.

Make a Copy for Each Student

Even if you are a Google Classroom user you may want to use sheetPusher to create a copy of the spreadsheet per student. sheetPusher allows you to have a list of all student’s spreadsheets in one place (so does Classroom). Use the Extensions menu in your spreadsheet to select sheetPusher. Setup the spreadsheet so that you can enter your class roster on the first sheet. Tip: You can get your class roster for free from schoolytics.com.

sheetPusher allows you to push out updates to each students spreadsheet without opening student spreadsheets.

To update, add to, each student spreadsheet highlight on your master copy the part that you want to update. Then use sheetPusher to push out the updates to each sheet.

Pull Responses

A premium feature in sheetPusher is the ability to GRAB student spreadsheets back to a single location. Select “Pull from Student Sheets” to create a new spreadsheet with a tab in that one spreadsheet for each student. This gives you a snapshot of student work. Note that this is a COPY of the student’s worksheet. However, this allows you to see all student work without opening up individual student documents.

Grab a Spreadsheet Cell by using sheetPusher in the Extensions menu which gives you the options to Pull from Student Sheets and to Row Pull.

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Pull Student Response

If you would like to see how each student responded to a particular question use the “Row Pull” option in sheetPusher. On your master template, click on the cell that you wish to review for all students. Use the Extensions menu to select sheetPusher and under Premium Features select “Row Pull.” This will create a new Google Sheets spreadsheet with a tab for each student’s work. However, it will also add a roster to the new spreadsheet showing each student’s work for that row. It creates a list of their work that is easy to review for all students.

Row Pull – Use with Autocrat

The reason I created the Row Pull option is for Autocrat users. Autocrat is a powerful mail merge. However, it requires that each student’s work is in a row as if it came from a Google Form. Using the Row Pull option in sheetPusher you can have a list of student work that is formatted in a way that you can merge student responses to individual Google Docs (or email or Sheets or Slides).

Column Headers for Autocrat

Please note that Autocrat requires column headers for the alignment for the mail merge. You will need to manually add headers to your spreadsheet before using the Autocrat Add-on.

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