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Online Workshop: Get Your Add-on Published

How can you make Google Workspace (Docs/Sheets/Slides) even better? You can create custom Add-ons with Google Apps Script. Wondering How to Get Your Google Workspace Add-on Published? Join Alice Keeler, Google Developer Expert, to learn the steps to get your Add-on officially published.
Online Workshop: Get Your Add-on Published

Did you know you can code Google Workspace? Add functionality to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc… Check out the over 2 dozen Add-ons Google Developer Expert Alice Keeler has published to the Google Marketplace. If you would like to learn how to add your add-on idea to the marketplace, join Alice Keeler for her next workshop:

Get Your Add-on Published Workshop – $1000

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How to Get Your Google Workspace Add-on Published

There are many steps to go from idea to published Add-on. Here is how to get your Google Workspace Add-on published:

  1. Have a working Add-on for Google Docs/Sheets/Slides/Forms/etc…
    Note: This is coded with Google Apps Script and JavaScript.
  2. Test Add-on through Script Editor.
  3. Create a logo for the Add-on.
  4. Have a website with a page dedicated to clearly describing the add-on and scope usage.
  5. Create a Google Cloud Project (GCP).
  6. Submit for oAuth within the GCP project.
  7. Link GCP project to Apps Script project editor.
  8. Create a video demonstrating usage of scopes for the Add-on and upload to YouTube.
  9. Submit for oAuth approval through the GCP project. Include required scopes, YouTube video link, logo graphic, and website link.
  10. Wait for approval from Google. Make updates as requested to your application.
  11. Deploy a version of your Add-on through Apps Script project editor.
  12. Install Google Workspace Marketplace SDK for your GCP project.
  13. Configure app in Google Workspace Marketplace SDK.
  14. Develop your store listing, including screenshots and YouTube videos.
  15. Submit for approval.
  16. Wait for approval. Make updates as requested to your application.
  17. Share your approved Add-on from Google Workspace with others.

Workshop Outline

Please note that the focus of this workshop is to guide you through the steps of getting your Add-on approved by Google Workspace Marketplace. It is NOT guaranteed your Add-on will be approved. You will gain from this workshop the series of steps, along with tips and suggestions, for how to get your Add-on approved.

Week 1: Planning Your Add-on

Use ChatGPT to create a basic Add-on. Your project should not be complex. The purpose of this workshop is to help you learning how to get your Add-on published. The focus is not on how to develop or create an Add-on.

If you want to first learn more about coding using Google Apps Script (supported by ChatGPT) please register for that workshop instead.

During this week, schedule a one on one session with Alice Keeler to discuss your project ideas and develop an idea that is manageable for your first published Add-on.

Live Session: Demonstrates creating a basic Add-on for Google Workspace. Discussion of limiting scopes.

You will need a website that follows the specific requirements of Google Workspace Marketplace. Additionally, your website will need a terms of service page and a privacy policy page. This will will focus on helping you to choose your website and domain name URL.

Live Session: Reviewing websites, terms of service examples, and privacy policy examples. Discussion of requirements.

Week 3: Submitting for oAuth

You will need to create a Google Cloud GCP project for your Add-on. Set up your project and oAuth.

oAuth is the pop up screen you see when installing an Add-on letting you know what permissions the app is asking for. This week will continue the discussion about scopes and how to limit your scopes to increase the likelihood of your first app being accepted by Google. You will submit your project for oAuth approval.

Live Session: oAuth frustrations and how to manage them.

Note: it is unlikely that your Add-on oAuth will be approved within one week. I personally have had it approved within a day and sometimes it takes me months to get the Add-on approved. Have reasonable expectations that this is a process that might take some time.

Week 4: Modifying Your Submission

Allow time for your submission to be approved by Google. Reviewing possible updates to be made when your submission is rejected.

Live Session: Modifying your oAuth submission.

Week 5: Installing Google Workspace Marketplace SDK

In your Google Cloud Project (GCP) install the Google Workspace Marketplace. Fill out the required elements to submit your Add-on to Google Workspace. Creating screenshots, graphics, and YouTube videos. You will submit your Add-on to the marketplace.

Live Session: Creating your Google Workspace Marketplace submission.

Week 6: Sharing Your Submission

Once your Marketplace Add-on is approved you need to let people know it is live. What to do after your Add-on is approved.

Note: it is possible your Add-on is not yet approved. The review process can take many weeks. This workshop is 6 weeks long to allow you time to hopefully get the full process completed.

Live Session: Managing support for your Add-on

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