Use Hashtags in Google Keep

Google Keep is a tool I use every day. Think digital sticky notes… But Google style, so they are collaborative and work with Docs and Slides. Hashtags are Labels Using hashtags in a Google Keep note helps you to search for things you want to get back to. Using a...


Google Keep is Amazing What note keeping app let’s you access from any device anywhere? GOOGLE KEEP! Don’t be stuck with notes on your phone! Essentially Google Keep is like digital Post It Notes, but GOOGLEY! So that means that searching notes and...

Keep Dot New

Try to Make a Quick Keep Note I love Google Keep! It’s like Post It™ Notes but better! It’s tied to your Google account so you can access anywhere on any device. Install the Google Keep app on your phone and back on your computer go to...

Google Keep: Sketch a Note

Use the Drawing Feature in Google Keep Google Keep is a quick note taking app with some amazing features. One of my favorite Google Keep features is the ability to take a picture of something with text on it and extracting the text out of the picture.

Google Keep: Toggle List View

Grid View and List View in Google Keep Google Keep ( is a note app, like Post-it ®️ notes. Make sure you have the Google Keep app on your phone. Handy when you want to make a bulleted list, to do list, or take a picture of where you parked. Google Keep...

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