Google Keep: Sketch a Note

Use the Drawing Feature in Google Keep Google Keep is a quick note taking app with some amazing features. One of my favorite Google Keep features is the ability to take a picture of something with text on it and extracting the text out of the picture.

Google Keep: Toggle List View

Grid View and List View in Google Keep Google Keep ( is a note app, like Post-it ®️ notes. Make sure you have the Google Keep app on your phone. Handy when you want to make a bulleted list, to do list, or take a picture of where you parked. Google Keep...

5 Features of Google Keep

5 Features of Google Keep Google Keep is like digital Post-it notes but better! I highly recommend you switch from the notes app on your phone to using Google Keep. Because Keep is by Google you can access your notes easily on almost any device. Use the Google Keep...

Paper List to Slides

Paper List to Slides I was given… No joke… A 7 page packet of papers with short phrases on it. Carrying around a packet of paper is not something that is going to work for me… So how do I get this into Google Slides? Google Keep My first step to...

Google Keep in Slides, Yes Please!

Google Keep Now Integrates with Google Slides Google Keep is a digital note app like Post-its. I’ve been a long time fan. Since it’s a Google Tool the notes sync to all of my devices. One feature I love is the ability to take a picture into a Google Keep...

Poof! Paper Handouts are Digital

No More Paper Handouts While at an event recently the speaker handed out a paper handout. After her presentation, some of the audience members were asking if the handout was available digitally. Using Google Keep I was able to digitize the handout and distribute it...

Try Formative

Formative is an awesome assessment tool!


Try Formative

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