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Google Keep: Toggle List View

list view in google keep
Google Keep: Toggle List View

list view in google keep

Grid View and List View in Google Keep

Google Keep (keep.google.com) is a note app, like Post-it ®️ notes. Make sure you have the Google Keep app on your phone. Handy when you want to make a bulleted list, to do list, or take a picture of where you parked. Google Keep also integrates with Google Docs and Slides to allow you to bring your notes into the document. Or keep a list of feedback comments and be able to easily reference them in the side panel of your documents to give students feedback.

Toggle List View

By default, your notes are in grid view. Grid view notes truncate your note. You need to click on the note to expand it to see the entire note for longer notes.
Default is grid view in Google KEep

Click on the 3 bar icon in the upper left to switch to list view. List view shows the entire note.
List view in Google Keep

Notice this long checklist in Google Keep. I had checked off some of the items and they are moved to the bottom of the list and crossed out. I would not see the completed items in grid view without clicking on the individual note. 
See the entire list in list view

Install the Google Keep Chrome Extension

Integrate with Google Slides and Docs

On the right hand side of Google Slides and Docs is a Keep icon.
Google Keep icon in the sidebar

Clicking on the Keep icon will expand out the side panel to reveal your Google Keep notes. DRAG them from Keep to a slide to easily add to your presentation.
Google Keep notes

Google Slides: First Slide – Fast Feedback for a Daily Journal

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