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Google Keep: Sketch a Note

Sketch with Google Keep

Use the Drawing Feature in Google Keep

Google Keep is a quick note taking app with some amazing features. One of my favorite Google Keep features is the ability to take a picture of something with text on it and extracting the text out of the picture.

Draw a Note

If you need to make a quick sketch, Google Keep has you covered. Since it’s a Google product it syncs to the cloud and your drawing is available anywhere! Use the Google Keep app on your phone or the web application.
Draw a note

At the topish of Google Keep is the ability to “Take a note…” Clicking in that box will allow you to take a note, but notice the other options within the box. Create a checklist, draw a sketch, or add a picture.
Make a note with drawings

Click on the paintbrush icon to sketch a note. You will be presented with a blank canvas to draw your sketch. Use the grid icon to change from a blank canvas to graph paper or dots.
Choose your paper

Insert into Google Slides

Google Keep integrates with Google Docs and Slides. Try using the shortcut to make a blank Google Slides. On the right hand side is the Google Keep icon.
Google keep in the sidebar

The note you just sketched will be in the side panel. Note: You need to have exited the note for it to have saved. If you are still writing it is not available.
Note in the sidepanel

Drag the Sketch

From the side panel drag the sketch right onto a slide.
Drag the sketch note

Clearly Communicate Ideas

Google Slides are multi-media. This allows students to combine pictures, video, text boxes, screenshots, and sketches together to clearly communicate their ideas.

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