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Google Keep in Slides, Yes Please!

google keep in Google Slides

Google Keep in Slides, Yes Please!

google keep in Google Slides

Google Keep Now Integrates with Google Slides

Google Keep is a digital note app like Post-its. I’ve been a long time fan. Since it’s a Google Tool the notes sync to all of my devices. One feature I love is the ability to take a picture into a Google Keep note and then extract the text from the image into editable text. I can then send it to a Google Doc. Keep notes are shareable. Keep works offline (mobile) and will sync when you’re back online. And of course, since it’s by Google, the search in Keep is excellent.
Google Keep is awesome

Keep in Slides and Docs

New to Google Slides (and it has not been around in Docs that long) is Google Keep integration. Use the Tools menu to select “Keep notepad.” This pulls up Google Keep in the sidebar.
Tools menu Keep Notepad

The sidebar goes both ways to allow you to drag items from Keep into Slides and to put new information (or drag from Slides) into Keep.
Google Keep Integration

Why Keep?

Keep is the perfect place to start organizing your thoughts. Why copy and paste when you can just DRAG! Images in Keep, when dragged to a Slide, are placed as independent objects separate from the text in the Keep note. Multiple images in a Keep note are placed individually on the slide. Even without dragging the Keep note into Slides it is useful to have the Keep notepad in the sidebar to remind you of what you were thinking as you planned the presentation.

Ask students to plan out their Slides presentation in Keep. Either a brainstorm list they can refer to or gather information on individual Keep notes that they can then organize later into a Slides presentation.

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  1. I LOVE Google Keep and have been using this extension for a while. After reading your blog post, I tried doing this w/ Google Slides, but Keep doesn’t show up under tools. Is there something I need to do to make this work? Thanks so much for sharing! I can’t wait to start using!

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