The Paper Bag Mask – An Interesting Path to Success

You Are More Thank You Think You Are A Guest Post by Brock Heasley I’m a writer, but for most of my life I didn’t know that. Drawing Not Writing Back in high school, writing was an academic exercise at best, a vehicle for whatever B.S. I needed to create to fill out...

Etch A Sketch Goes Online!

Web A Skeb Online Drawing App Posted by Erin Whalen Etch A Sketch was a favorite toy beginning in the 1960s. Now there is an online version of the famous toy. Three Modes The Web a Skeb has horizontal and vertical...

Bitmoji Stickers for the Win!

Make Your Own Stickers A Guest Post by Sonya Schkabla With only a few minutes and some sticker labels, you can create stickers to share with your students featuring your own Bitmoji. Order Labels The first step is to get your labels. I used Avery 22805 sticker paper...

Online Workshop

Online Go Slow Workshop
*Jan 7: Google Classroom Tips and Tricks
*Jan 14: Intro to Google Forms

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