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Self-Paced Coding Lessons with Grasshopper

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Code with Grasshopper

Learn to Code with Grasshopper

New to coding? Not sure where to start? The Grasshopper app, available on Apple’s App Store and on Google Play, teaches JavaScript through self-paced lessons and practice.


The app guides you through progressive lessons that build on one another and slowly introduce different tools and functions in JavaScript. As you work your way through, the lessons introduce new functions while reviewing the content already covered for a spiraling effect that keeps the content fresh and helps you remember previous lessons.

Learn to Code with Grasshopper


In addition to the lessons, there are many opportunities for practice. The practice sessions include topics you have already covered in the lessons so you can continue working on individual skills and/or refresh your memory if it’s been a while since you completed the lesson. Both the lessons and the practice sessions can be repeated any time. The menu pictured below shows the lesson categories (lessons are grouped as units) and practice can be found below the unit titles.

Practice Mode and Lessons

Why JavaScript

JavaScript is the most used coding language and many of its commands are the same or similar in other coding languages. By starting with JavaScript, you can learn both basic and advanced coding and it will be easy to learn another coding language once you know JavaScript. Happy coding!

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