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Etch A Sketch Goes Online!

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April 2020: Unfortunately it appears this site is no longer available. Nothing lasts forever, especially free tools. Try Google Chrome Canvas. Try Jamboard by Google. Try

Web A Skeb Online Etch A Sketch

Web A Skeb Online Drawing App

Posted by Erin Whalen

Etch A Sketch was a favorite toy beginning in the 1960s. Now there is an online version of the famous toy.

Three Modes

The Web a Skeb has horizontal and vertical “knobs” similar to a traditional Etch a Sketch and has a shake button to erase your drawing. Unlike the original toy, Web a Skeb has three modes or styles, Fast, Fancy, and Fanciest.

Web A Skeb Styles

Geometry and Art

Challenge your students to see what they can come up with – geometric shapes, artwork, and more. The possibilities are endless.

  • Try to make a circle.
  • Make isosceles, equilateral, and scalene triangles (or obtuse, right, and acute).
  • See how many different shapes you can make.
  • Write your name.
  • Make a logo for a for your future company.

Other Applications

From K-12, there are plenty of ways to use this fun app.

  • Practice fine motor skills. No rules – just play!
  • Write sight words
  • Indoor recess activity
  • Study the history of the toy
  • Learn the science that makes Etch a Sketch work
  • Make a comic strip
  • Practice fractions by splitting the board into sections and shading them in to show the fraction

How will you use Web A Skeb in your classroom? Share your ideas on Twitter with the hashtag #WebASkeb

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