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Adding Transitions in Google Slides

Google Slides Transitions
Adding Transitions in Google Slides

Animate Your Slide Show in Google Slides

Posted by Erin Whalen

Often we build slides to share information and don’t need them to be “fancy” but when we do want to jazz them up, we can add transitions. This is especially helpful when you want your slide show to be more like a video – having the content enter automatically in small segments.

Create Slides

First, create all your content. Then choose Transitions from the Menu Bar.

Open the transitions sidebar

Add Transitions

A Transitions sidebar will pop up to the right (pictured below left). You will start by selecting the item (image, text box, etc.) that you want to animate. Then you can choose the type of animation, whether it’s “on click” or automatic, and the speed of the transition (pictured below right). It can take some time if you want each transition to be unique. If you want each transition to be the same, you can make one and choose “Apply to all slides” to complete the transitions for your slide show instead of doing each slide individually.

Transitions Menu in Google Slides      Animating a Slide in Google Slides

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