Getting Started with BookWidgets

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Have you heard of BookWidgets but unsure where to get started? I created a quick tutorial video to get you creating BookWidgets and sharing them with your students.

What is BookWidgets?

BookWidgets is interactive digital activities. There are a variety of activities, called widgets, for you to engage your students with.

Start with BookWidgets

Getting started with bookwidgets starts by going to widgets on the left side and clicking on Create a widget.

✏️Step 1: Sign Up and Create an Account

  1. Visit the BookWidgets website at
  2. Click on the ‘Sign In’ button.
  3. Complete the sign-up process with your information (Login with your Google Account)

🧭Step 2: Explore the Dashboard

  1. After logging in, familiarize yourself with the dashboard. This is where you’ll find all your widgets, assignments, and student data.

🖍Step 3: Create a Widget

  1. Click on the ‘Create Widget’ button on the dashboard.
  2. You’ll see a vast array of different widget options, including quizzes, interactive images, timelines, and much more. Choose the type of widget that best fits your lesson plan.

🧩Step 4: Customize Your Widget

  1. Select your widget type. This brings you to the widget editor. Here, you can add questions, change settings, add content, and more.
  2. The exact customization options will depend on the type of widget you’ve chosen.
  3. Finalize customizing. Click the ‘Save’ button to save your widget.

🧑🏽‍🎓Step 5: Share Your Widget with Students

  1. From the dashboard, find your widget, and then click on the ‘Share’ option.
  2. You will see several options for sharing the widget with your students. These can include a link, a QR code, Google Classroom, and other Learning Management System (LMS) integrations. Choose the option that works best for your classroom.
  3. Send your chosen link/code to your students.

📈Step 6: Track Student Progress

  1. Once your students have started interacting with the widget, you can track their progress and responses through the ‘Grades & Reporting’ section on your dashboard.

Remember, BookWidgets has many resources and tutorials available on its website to help you get the most out of its tools. If you run into issues or need more detailed instructions, their Help Center is a great place to start.

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Getting Started with BookWidgets

Getting Started with BookWidgets can truly revolutionize the way you approach teaching in the digital age. This versatile tool offers educators a plethora of interactive widgets, turning mundane lessons into engaging, dynamic experiences. From interactive quizzes to creative writing prompts, the options are nearly limitless. Avoid overwhelm. With this guide on “Getting Started with BookWidgets,” it will help you navigate the platform effortlessly. You’ll soon be customizing your own widgets, effortlessly integrating them into your Learning Management System, and monitoring student progress in real time. Embrace the future of education with confidence. Getting started with BookWidgets today.

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